So as long you do everything right, do more, and have more…

everything will be great and

you'll be happier, right?


I see you. You’re probably in relationships that are “just okay”. You probably feel disconnected much of the time, even though you know you’re supposed to “live in the moment” like all those Pinterest memes tell you. You probably lack confidence in many areas of your life including parenting, your job or business, and your ability to trust yourself.

People always tell you to “just be yourself”…but most of the time that doesn’t feel like enough. You feel not smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough, thin enough, so many “not enoughs”. So, you hustle to try to be what people want from you, you try to do more to get to this place of “enough”, it never happens and you’re just plain exhausted. 

Your self-talk is not helping— it’s really the source of everything I just mentioned, but you’ve gotten so used to it any other way of speaking to yourself feels like a foreign language.

You set unrealistic and unachievable standards for yourself, you inevitably fail and feel like shit about yourself. 

You compare yourself constantly to other women— your body, your job, your marriage, and your life isn’t as good as theirs. They ALL seem to have their shit together except you. 

If I had to sum it all up, you might also have these issues…


If you have a problem or are in crisis you tell yourself, “I can deal with this myself. No one wants to hear my problems. I’m too much of a burden,” When all you really want is to be seen and heard and to connect with someone.

Vying for control

You want a guaranteed outcome, you don’t trust yourself, and you are desperate for certainty in your life. Maybe you like to micromanage people and “fix” them, because if they would just act right, you could be happier.

Perfecting areas of your life

You believe if you look and act perfect, everything will be good and you’ll finally get to rest and be happy. Maybe you won’t even start things because you know you can’t do it perfectly…or you obsess on making things perfect to avoid being hurt. Either way, it feels like a prison.

People pleasing and chasing approval

You care and worry so much about being liked and just generally what others think of you, you don’t set boundaries and then get pissed and resentful when you have to do things you don’t want to do. (Those assholes!)

Comparing how you measure up with others

You compare your insides to other women’s outsides and end up feeling like shit about yourself pretty much every time. You love social media, but end up down the rabbit hole of comparing your life to everyone else’s…even strangers.


You hit a place of contentment and find yourself sabotaging different areas of your life: partnership, parenting, work, finances or health. And sometimes this happens because you’re an all-or-nothing girl– you go 100% on one area so the other areas suffer. You just can’t seem to find balance.

And guess what, sister? I know all this because I just painted a picture of my former life. I spent about 15 years being that woman. I tried so hard to be perfect, make everyone love me, to control everything, and my self-talk was horrible. In 2006 as my husband and I were about to start a family, he had an affair with a beautiful woman, left me for her and they started a family. I felt destroyed. I had completely lost sense of who I was. Until one day about a year later, I had had enough. I stepped into another way of being and radically changed my life.

That thing I stepped into was


And I’d love for you to step into courage with me. Imagine this:

Reaching out for support from the right people when you need it

Connecting with others on a deep and intimate level. It’s about practicing the courage to reach out to the right people and asking for what you need.

Surrendering to what life

brings you

Not “white knuckling it”, but actually letting go of control. Learning to listen to and trust yourself. Knowing that you’ll be okay no matter what gets thrown at you.

Quickly knowing when

things get tricky

 Instead of falling into negative self-talk, perfectionism, people pleasing, and numbing by default, imagine knowing your triggers and choosing different behaviors right away.

Managing your negative self-talk

Learning to catch yourself in the act of beating yourself up and choosing a different way to speak to yourself. One based on self-kindness and compassion.

Living like you give a shit

Having your own North Star (aka values) so you clearly know what’s important to you about how you live your life. This way you’ll know the difference between living your values vs. the old default behaviors.

having a long-term

maintenance plan

Not just learning what needs to be done, but learning how to implement all your tools long-term.

Because when your foundation is based on fear & negative self-talk,

you stay in a soul-sucking cycle of hustling for happiness.

But when your foundation is based on courage,

happiness & freedom come naturally.

“I was a total people pleaser and my gremlin had total control over me. After working with Andrea, I’m learning to stand up for myself and my beliefs, determining what these beliefs are and what they mean to me, on the path to forgiveness of others and myself, and kicking my gremlin in the ass. I am exactly where I am supposed to be and this journey I am on is beautiful.”


Andrea Owen web Copies Weston Hall Photography-6

Hi! I’m Andrea. If you’re new to me you should know:

I have a Professional Life Coaching certification from the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute, am a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (from Brené Brown), and have a Bachelors degree in Health Science.

I’ve hosted workshops and retreats across the US and internationally, helping young girls and women with their self-talk and confidence.

I’ve personally recovered (and still practice recovery) from co-dependence, alcoholism, and an eating disorder. I’m grateful for all of this as it’s helped me truly understand the experience of deep shame and feeling not enough, as well as resilience from these common issues.

In 2012 I started to think about creating a signature program for Your Kick-Ass Life. The program that summed up all of the work I’ve done, all my research and credentials, and that could be the ultimate program to help you get to a place of your kick-ass life. Finally, in 2016, after running smaller programs, writing my book, and my training of The Daring Way™ I bring you…




“I had developed severe anxiety and the daily activities I once loved no longer were easy to accomplish. I felt like I wanted to do so much more every day but could barely get through the day without feeling like I was enough. My career was helping people feel good about their bodies but I could not push myself. At my breaking point I realized I was no longer helping myself succeed but rather holding myself back from growing. I relied on too many people to determine my own happiness.

The only hesitations I had about taking this class came with self-doubt and fear of disappointing myself. If I didn’t take this time to work on me then why would I add more stress? However, I realized I am most important in my life and it’s time to take charge of my own happiness.

My biggest takeaway from the Masterclass has been learning how I tick and why I move the way I do. I’m allowed to feel my emotions but that taking the time to really open up to my closest friends and family allows me to grow and learn from my choices and experiences that way I keep moving forward.

I would recommend this to women in my life that go through the motions and ignore the reality of their emotions they’re facing daily at home, work, in relationships, and with themselves.”


“Before I started working with Andrea on work around courage, I was struggling with old patterns of fear, confidence, and connecting with others. I have big dreams personally and professionally and knew I needed the right coach and approach to help lead the way.

This work has cracked me open and helped me rediscover my courage, strength, faith and values. I’m so grateful for this foundation and the ability to incorporate it into my everyday life.

Through this work, I am now opening up more in my relationships, professionally and personally, and at the same time, I have set clear boundaries. I’m incorporating more fun and creativity in my days, and trusting my intuition. Andrea’s support and the tools I have received around this work in courage have given me the confidence I needed to move out of fear and step into courage.”

The Masterclass Program includes:

9 weekly, 60-minute calls led by your imperfectly courageous leader, Andrea Owen (that’s me!). (Starting Thursday, January 19th and ending March 16th, 2017. All calls are at 10 am Pacific time/1 pm Eastern Time)

8 audio lessons (20-30 minutes each) teaching you the foundational lessons of practicing to live your life from a place of kick-ass courage.

Downloadable transcripts of all 8 audio lessons so you can read as well as listen.

Weekly homework that I will hold you accountable for. This is an essential part of the process in learning this work, digging deeper on how it works in YOUR life, and applying it.

Private Facebook group to get support from your sisterhood 24/7. This is a safe place to tell your story, and be seen, heard and supported by women just like you and by Andrea. This is where you can ask questions and get help processing each lesson.

Weekly worksheets that will create your own personal Kick-Ass Courage Project workbook. You can go back at any time to review your notes (and see how far you’ve come!)

Surprise guest expert audios to teach you additional tools on communication and creating a spiritual practice.

The Masterclass Curriculum
(aka how your life will change)

First, upon sign up you’ll receive pre-work before class begins containing powerful questions to get you ready to start.



What do your friendships look like and how are you showing up there? The importance of gathering your soul sisters and how to establish trust in these relationships. Whether your friendships are lacking or you have strong, lifelong friends, we’ll dig deep here and create a plan to get the support you need.



Life is hard and messy sometimes. This week we look into the areas you’re most prone to not “show up” and WHY. We dig into vulnerability and you’ll learn why this is the key to courage, confidence, and having better relationships.



We pull the covers off the default behaviors you engage in every day, even though they don’t make you happy. Perfectionism, people pleasing, control, hiding out, and numbing just to name a few.



Learn to live every day like you give a shit. We dive into what makes you, you. Because all this work doesn’t matter at all if you aren’t clear on who you are, what you stand for, what you’re after and what it actually looks like on a day to day basis.

Plus, we’ll create personal mantras for you to empower yourself. When things get tricky, you’ll have a saying that feels like home instead of falling into negative self-talk and the behaviors it perpetuates.



How are you supposed to have a better life and speak to yourself with kindness if you don’t know when to implement your tools? Knowing your triggers is the key to becoming resilient to your negative self-talk and being able to move through life’s hard struggles.



Now that you know your triggers, you’ll know when you’re “in it”. What do we do when we get backed into a corner? How we show up in those moments matters. Chances are, what you’re doing now, isn’t working nor does it feel good.

You’ll get clear on what your default is in different areas of your life, plus what to do and what it looks like to choose another way (aka courage).



Most of your foundation of feeling good and being successful in your life is based on the way you speak to yourself. We’ll break this down, get to the nitty-gritty and create a new way of speaking to yourself, using what we’ve learned in the previous weeks.



Knowing all this information is great, putting into practice is another story. This week I’ll help you plan out how you’ll bring this work with you once we’re through.

In all of the above modules you will receive not only exercises to bring consciousness to the topic at hand but tools to learn to get past them. Keep in mind this work is a life-long practice and a process. I am limiting this class to 40 women in order to give you the attention you need and deserve.

“I want to thank you Andrea Owen for this class. I learned about my triggers (well, faced them), my masks, and well I can keep going on with the terminology but let me say this…. Most importantly I feel like a better person. A person I love. A person I wanted to be… But now I know I can and AM! Thank you again.”



The {Self Love Revolution On­The­Go E­Course},
receive 15 interviews from today’s top experts on all things SELF-LOVE
$97 value

How I Turned My Mess Into My Message,
37-page mini e-book on how I turned massive heartbreak into my catalyst for self-empowerment
$17 value


And the answer is courage. Because with courage, you can stop the hustle for happiness.

“I am so grateful for this class – I feel like I have learnt so much and can definitely feel myself being more compassionate, along with my inner critic slowly becoming quieter. I have so much more awareness of my armor and triggers now and try to keep my values in mind more. This Masterclass has been a revelation to work through.” – REBECCA AMES


How much time do I need to commit to this program?

There are 8 audios that are 20-30 minutes each (transcripts included). Each weekly call (9 calls total, and these are optional) is 60 minutes long, plus about 30 minutes of homework each week. It’s entirely up to you how much supplemental journaling, meditation, reading you want to do. But, a minimum of 60-90 minutes per week to see changes in your life.

How many spaces are open?

There are 40 spaces open. Registration will close when they are all full OR on January 19th, 2017, whichever comes first.

What days and times do we meet?

The live classes will be 60 minutes every Thursday starting January 19th at 10 am Pacific Standard Time (1 pm Eastern Standard Time).  You can use your phone or computer (international numbers are available if you want to use the phone). The audios/worksheets are for you to complete at any time during the week they are assigned.

What if I can't make the live calls?

A recording will be ready for you about 30 minutes after each call and posted in the Facebook group as well as sent to you via email. I highly encourage you to carve out time to listen to the calls within a couple of days. Many people say the calls were their favorite part even if they couldn’t be there live!

Can I just listen to the recordings and do this at my own pace?

Yes, you can listen to the recordings if you can’t make the calls live. From running many classes like this before, I can tell you that you will get more out of the class if you make the time to follow along as we all go and participate as much as possible.

Will you offer this again?

Yes, in early 2018, but the price may increase then.

How do I know I am the right person for this?

In a nutshell, if you are a woman who struggles with negative self-talk, showing up fully in your life, perfectionism, control, isolation, comparison, and/or people pleasing, this is for you. If you are 100 percent ready to practice new behaviors, this is for you.

This is not, however for someone with clinical depression or an eating disorder who is not currently getting help. However, if you are recovered from this, or in active recovery with a trained professional, this work would be supplemental and helpful.

How do I know this will work for me?

What I can guarantee is that if you show up to the classes, participate in the discussions (either on the live calls and/or the forum), are open to coaching, and do the homework, you will reach a new level of consciousness and will see changes in your life. After that, it all depends on you. I can also guarantee that I will be there to help and support you.

What if I am feeling nervous and afraid to sign up?

Then you are totally NORMAL! This is a big step and this is you being vulnerable and courageous. Being scared is part of the process and if you are, you’re one of us!

How much one-on-one support will there be from Andrea?

Choosing the Masterclass will not allow 1:1 access to me via private sessions, but I will be able to answer your questions and have some laser coaching during our group calls. Plus, I will be in the Facebook forum during office hours a few times a week to be able to answer any questions you have AND to celebrate with your wins with you!

Do you offer a refund policy in case I change my mind?

Yes. If after 30 days from the first live call you have done all the work, have shown effort by means of the worksheets and FB forum, and this class isn’t for you, you will receive a refund. You must show proof that you did the work in terms of all worksheets filled out and participation in the group discussions. In other words, I do not give refunds if you simply changed your mind, or if you didn’t make the time to participate.

What happens once I sign up?

Once your payment is complete (either full or the first of the 3-pay), you’ll be redirected to a welcome page that has a short video + all the details you need. If for some reason you do not see this page, please contact

There is also some important pre-work for you to complete (should take about 15 minutes).

“By the way… you are really good at this. Anyone who has the honor of working with you is fortunate indeed.”



Join The Kick-Ass Courage Project Masterclass and say good-bye to having fear be your constant go-to. Join us now to secure your spot.

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